Portal XL

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Portal XL provides a unique user interface solution for today’s justice and public safety professional. Portal XL is a zero-footprint browser independent client, requiring only a web browser. There are no files maintained on the client PC.
The Portal XL is web server based with a “true” zero-footprint client. Requiring only a web browser, there are no files maintained at the client PC. Portal XL is also browser independent. It is certified to run on the current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, and Chrome browsers. Optionally, Portal XL may be connected as a user-interface for traditional message switching systems, it may stand alone as a user-interface/portal to NCIC and Nlets, and it may be connected via web services to other data sources. PsPortals products incorporate the most current Internet browser technology available to present integrated, crisp, and efficient access to vital data from a variety of sources. Because of the standardized look and feel, users will quickly become skilled operators without the need for extensive training. Software updates and new applications can be introduced quickly and are fully maintained on the Portal XL web server.

The Portal XL enables users to stay connected to the CSA network while simultaneously viewing other Internet and intranet sites or accessing local applications. When operators are using other applications, Portal XL continues to “listen” to the public safety network and notifies them of important incoming messages through visual and audible alerts. Portal XL is well suited to power users and occasional users alike, and provides full NCIC and Nlets capability. It possesses the capability to address user needs at every level and takes full advantage of advanced features of Internet technology.
  • Multi-screen Support
  • Follow Me Functionality
  • Sent and Received Message Association
  • Asynchronous Notification of Incoming Messages
  • Message Logging & Retrieval
  • Web server-based Maintenance
  • Portal Access to Outside Applications & Networks
  • Urgent Message Streamer
  • Automatic Server Based Updates for:
    • Code Tables
    • Screen Forms
    • Edits
    • Manuals
  • GJXDM compliant
  • Optional web service interface
  • 508 option
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